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Welcome to Youth Ambassadors 4 Kids Club

The Voice of Many

Ambassadors 4 Kids (A4K) Club is here to help you Get Involved, Get the Facts, and learn how to Stand Up and Speak Out against bullying. Bullying, like all abuse, is never okay. We want everyone to know that it is important that we all learn how to help ourselves and others who are being bullied or abused. A4K wants you to know that you are not alone and that together we have a voice. We are here to provide you with the resources you need to take a stand and speak out against bullying. On this website you will find information about bullying and other abuse as well as ideas on what to do if you are being abused, witness abuse or even how to stop being a bully.

Here at A4K, we hope that we can all join together to show each other respect and compassion within our communities regardless of our differences. We are all different. We are a community of individuals and it is up to each of us to make sure that each of us feels safe and secure at school, at home, and out in public. The community of A4K is about finding your voice and taking a stand for what is right.

We are all in this together, both as a community and as individuals We have a Voice and together we are the Voice of many! You have the ability to make a positive impact and to help change the lives of those around you, including your own. So dont be a Silent Bystander, join the A4K Club, take the Pledge, then Stand Up and Speak Out! Find your Voice A4K is here for you!!

Check out this special anti-bullying music video.

School Anti-Bullying Video

A4K National Spokespeople speak out with an
important call-to-action for students.

Get Help...Take ACTION

Bullying affects us all. There are many ways to get help or help others. Check out these tips on how you can help stop bullying.

The Victim

"Bullying happens everywhere. It happens in every school, every city, and every community. I have dedicated my time and firm's resources to support the A4K Club because I strongly believe in the program and its ability to make a real difference in helping kids and saving lives", says Montlick & Associates' Founder and CEO David Montlick.

Start a Local Chapter

Start a Local Chapter

The A4K Club is here to help you make an impact in your own school and community. Starting your own local chapter is a fun way to make a difference! Once established, we'll send you ideas for projects and activities, plus opportunities to enter our contests and win some cool prizes! Check out our "Getting Started" checklist today to help you get your own local charter club up and running.

Getting Started

Our History

Montlick & Associates

The Youth Ambassadors For Kids Club (A4K) was founded in 2011 by Lin Seahorn, Executive Director of Children Without A Voice (CWAV USA), in partnership with Montlick & Associates, Attorneys at Law as the organizations' Founding Sponsor. In December 2014, the organization's leadership and operation was transferred to Montlick & Associates, and is part of the Georgia law firm's ongoing commitment to family safety and its pledge to always give back to the community.

About Montlick & Associates
The Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys at Montlick & Associates have been helping families in Georgia and throughout the southeast since 1984. Click here to learn more about the firm and its award-winning public service programs.

Anonymous Hotline Numbers

National Hotline for Children
National Suicide Prevention Hotline
24 Hour Crisis Hotline for Parents
Georgia School Safety Hotline

Anonymous Hotline Numbers

Take The Pledge

Between 70 and 85% of kids arent bullies or victims, they are the bystanders.

Take the pledge. You can make a difference.

Join The Club

Take the Pledge

Report Child Abuse

Abuse is NEVER ok, speak out and help a child who is being abused.

24 Hour Crisis Hotline for Parents
National Domestic Abuse Hotline
National Hotline for Sexual Assault

Report Child Abuse

What do our members say

I am honored to serve as a National Spokesperson for the a4KClub. Bullying and child abuse are such major problems. They can happen to any of us. All of us are responsible for speaking up when we see it. Together we can stop the abuse and the bullying. As a spokesperson I am hoping that by seeing my leadership other kids will realize that they...

Jolie Montlick

I am honored to serve as a National Spokesperson for the Ambassador for Kids Program, in addition to being on the Board of Directors. I have witnessed and felt the effects of peer abuse and bullying. These are such serious problems. My role enables me to have a voice, and my goal is to help others realize that they can stop the bullying and abus...

Nikki Montlick

Whether you join on your own, through a local chapter or plan to start a new A4K chapter in your school or community, we are here to help you find your Voice.

A4K Club