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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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5 Reasons to Join A4K Club

Welcome to the A4K Club blog! The fact that you're here shows that you are concerned about bullying and want to help make a change at your school. Are you considering joining today or have a friend who's interested in joining? Here are five reasons to take the pledge today!

1. Bring the A4K program to your school. With your help, your classmates can learn about bullying and how to overcome peer pressure. But we can't do it without you!

2. Gain access to all kinds of helpful resources and information on bullying. A4K Club is all about empowering you with helpful tips and facts on bullying. Learn about the harmful effects of bullying and how to stop bullies from continuing their destructive behavior. Also, learn about bystanders (people who know of or witnesses bullying) and how bystanders can help make a difference.

3. Contests! Who doesn't love a fun contest? A4K Club members have the opportunity to win cool prizes while they help their communities. You can enter to win prizes like an iPod, portable Playstation, iPad 2, or an Xbox.

4. Leadership opportunities are available with A4K Club on the kid's National Board or on the adult Leadership Board. Want to learn how to be a leader in your school and community? Join A4K Club today and learn about ways you can participate. This can be a wonderful learning experience for you, not to mention a meaningful activity to add to your college application. You can even start a local club at your school!

5. It's FREE! Why not join? You'll enjoy free access to resources, contests, and maybe even make some new friends along the way.

Visit today to find out more! It's time to make the world a better place!

What do our members say

Whether you join on your own, through a local chapter or plan to start a new A4K chapter in your school or community, we are here to help you find your Voice.

A4K Club

“I am honored to serve as a National Spokesperson for the a4KClub. Bullying and child abuse are such major problems.  They can happen to any of us.  All of us are responsible for speaking up when we see it.  Together we can stop the abuse and the bullying.  As a spokesperson I am hoping that by seeing my leadership other kids will realize that they...

Jolie Montlick

“I am honored to serve as a National Spokesperson for the Ambassador for Kids Program, in addition to being on the Board of Directors. I have witnessed and felt the effects of peer abuse and bullying. These are such serious problems. My role enables me to have a voice, and my goal is to help others realize that they can stop the bullying and abus...

Nikki Montlick